Message from Chairman

Northwest College of Nursing is one of the projects of Alliance Healthcare (private) Limited that also Includes Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre. The brand name Northwest embodies quality in healthcare that is patient centered and patient friendly. Excellence in healthcare service is the guiding principle of all Northwest institutions. Northwest College of Nursing is a material step forward in ensuring to inculcate the highest skill sets and more importantly a dedication in nurses to take nursing care to a level that will be the envy of any internationally recognized healthcare system. The only aim of Northwest is to train and groom nurses who will take genuine pride in their expertise in and dedication to their chosen career solely for providing solace and comfort to suffering patients. We promise our trainees the highest degree of training and excellent opportunities for self development. The college expects participation of the students with a dedication and commitment that reciprocates the challenge and expectations framed by the college. Core values of the college define what a nurse trained in Northwest is expected to deliver in terms of service and there will be no compromise on this whatever the consequences. I trust the students will take full advantage of the facilities and course content as well as the opportunities for hands on training in one of the best hospital of this area and outshine nurses trained elsewhere in all fields of their specialized services.

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan Hashim
Northwest Institute of Health Sciences

Message from the Principal (Northwest College of Nursing)

Prosperity is searched by every sensible soul throughout life; the prime road to attain prosperity is education which has not been bestowed paramount importance throughout the world in general and in this part of the globe in particular. The very reality is the mammoth cause of our down fall, retrogression, and over all confusion. The live moments of the present life presses us to switch back to the soul energizing education; North West College of Nursing is a practical step in this regard to revitalize practical education in the field of nursing. The field of nursing has been chosen as a point of commencement in view of the neglected state of nursing education in Pakistan and its ever climaxing importance in the continuing specks of time. The foremost focus of the college is to enhance practical education in nursing through research oriented practice in life and upgrade the present status quo of nursing and nurses. The joining students will testify the promising facts and will implant the aspiring facts wherever life may drop them.

Miss Shamshad Qadar
Northwest College of Nursing

Message from the Principal (Center of Excellence for Paramedics)

I feel pleasure to write these words for NORTWEST INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES and thank the dedicated staff whose keen interest made it possible to open this significant institute. The consistent efforts and hard work helped overcome the related obstacles and difficulties Faced during the opening of this important venture. I am sure that the Institute will provide all the necessary facilities and knowledge to the paramedic staff, so that They can contribute to the well being of down trodden ailing humanity and serve them to Obtain the blessings of the poor. The Medical Faculty, under the new leadership, is also striving sincerely In making the policy of improved standard and regulations being formulated to stop commercialization Of the present organization which will have an overall positive impact for those who really want to serve the ailing persons. Iam thankful to all concerned whose interest has made it possible to share their knowledge and efforts To give success to this organization. In the end I am confident that NORTHWEST INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES would definitely create conductive atmosphere to learn and pass the knowledge to their colleagues.

Dr. Nisar Muhammad Adil
Center of Excellence for Paramedics