About Northwest Institute of Health Sciences:

In healthcare, the decisions you make are opportunities to improve a life. Empower yourself to make informed choices about the patients you serve and earn as an RN to BS N-prepared nurses to have better patient outcomes and enable to take on more leadership roles an array of health care settings. The NWIHS is committed in helping you prepare to be a more essential part of a health care delivery team through our RN to BSN degree program which will be accredited by Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC). NWCN focus to evidence-based practices and stronger decision-making skills. A team of experienced and knowledgeable faculty has potentials to make students habitual of critical thinking and to enable students for integrated study. NWIHS is committed to uplift the quality and standard of our student enhancing their professional development and focusing hidden curriculum of the institute. a.   Faculty members whose experience brings life to the curricula. b.   More individual attention with an average of 8-1 student-to-faculty ratio. c.   Teaching teams that reinforce new concepts and build teamwork skills.


Realigning the Northwest Hospital & Research Centre provides an opportunity to create a new dimension within the Institute of Health Sciences by establishing a College of Nursing. The establishment of a College of Nursing would allow expansion of location and development of a new curriculum. Program will be developed at the bachelorís level for students seeking a degree and development of new specialties. The college has an opportunity to help meet the national shortage of working nurses and faculty by engaging in these endeavors.